CCIM for investing in duplex’s and larger

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I recently earned my real estate license in Michigan, however now I am looking to get into more of the investing side of it. I own a commercial 4 unit office space and I am thinking about doing a lot more. Would a CCIM help or would you guys recommend just doing more reading and learning that way.

If you want to do comercial deals CCIM is the best training available. I highly recomend it. If you are not going to be doing comercial it probably won't help that much.

CCIM will give you a fundamental understanding of market, financial and investment analysis. You’ll get lots of handy spreadsheets along the way which you’ll use for years to come. Becoming familiar with all the commercial terminology is a big bonus too. Highly recommended. You’ll never regret it.

@Adam Stevens Yes by industry standards 5 units or more is considered commercial. CCIM is totally appropriate even if you only want the information for your own deals.  They offer the very best training on the numbers in evaluating deals. You may find some of the classes more interesting to you as  an investor than others.