Contractors needed in Jacksonville Florida

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unless you have volume you will have a tough time finding quality subs that can get it done quickly. Maybe you can try one of the bigger plumbing/electrical companies that typically do service calls. They are going to charge you hourly but if the job isn’t too big and you provide the fixtures, you can get the work done quickly for not too much more. Tried it once and it worked out ok, I paid about 50% more but got it done within a week. Time is money!

Most parts of the country from residential to commercial it is tough. Materials are up about 20% and so is labor so makes cost per sq ft high. Have to get land real cheap to make the numbers work for new development. For existing properties the contractors had crews doing it for cheap when the cycle came off of the bottom just to keep business going. Now they have more work than workers so they raise prices (supply and demand). I have seen for larger projects developers or flippers bus in crews from less busy states to get high quality contractors looking for work.

Larger flippers or ground up development companies can build for say 85 per sq ft where smaller investor with 1 property might be 120 a foot. It's because they give volume to one or two companies and that company knows to give them a good price in return.