Commercial property with Auto Mechanic or body shop from auction

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Does anyone have experience with buying commercial property with an auto mechanic or body shop on it already, from foreclosure auction or anywhere else? My uncle has gotten two properties from these auction for significantly less than market value and had them up and rented within a month, looking for experience mainly in dfw or San antonio.

I have sold and leased automotive related use properties. The property may need repairs being a foreclosure. Once you have it ready to lease, you should easily attract tenants because of the allowed uses and zoning. Automotive businesses are always looking for space.

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Are you getting them from Mls market or auctions? The profit returns and stability of business renters seem so much better than residential so I don't get why commercial is not that popular, on this site atleast.

@Sanad Alshan these are properties that I listed and represented to owner. I came about them through direct marketing. There are good opportunities on the MLS also and foreclosure auctions if you can find them.