Atlanta Real Estate?

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As opposed to single families and such? It is absolutely possible to start with commercial real estate. It does require a lot of work and creativity to get the first deal done. If you can't qualify for the loan, you need to find someone who can. If you can't make the down payment, you need to find people who can. You'll need to address all of those pieces so you can close that coveted first deal.

If you can, you might also consider doing a single family house hack. Buy a reasonable house and rent out a few rooms. Great way to get that passive income coming in.

Nobody ever said you have to do one or the other. You can do both! The key is to take massive action every single day in pursuit of your goal.

Commercial is a great way to go but you need to know what you're doing. Best thing to do is educate yourself on the space and learn everything you can about the different types and classes of commercial. Market knowledge is a must as well.