1031 Exchange Buyers

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Research Google for 1031 exchange companies. Check with them to see if any client exchanges in process are looking for the type of property you own that you want to sell. 

@Blaine Armstrong Blaine, I wouldn't say there's one place to find exchange buyers necessarily. I sure wish there was, it would make my job much easier as a broker! I would just ensure that you're on all of the major real estate sites (Redfin, Zillow, LoopNet). LoopNet will probably be your best funnel, but if it's a parcel of land with utilities that you're selling, I would say finding someone that's not only sophisticated enough to build, but also most aggressive on pricing due to a pending 1031 exchange, is going to be pretty rare. I would imagine you want to find an exchange buyer that will get more aggressive on pricing?

Unfortunately there is not a database that has 1031 buyers, but it may be useful to talk to brokers about clients in the midst of a 1031. As far as 1031'ing into developed land, their is no issue with that from a legal perspective, but I am not sure I fully understand what you are trying to do. If you are attempting to 1031 into land you already own it is more complicated and requires restructuring, and patience. But in the right circumstances there are a ton of possibilities within 1031.   

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