Birmingham commercial real estate

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Anybody familiar with commercial real estate in Birmingham, AL? Particularly warehouse buildings… is there a good rule of thumb for estimating rental income based on square footage (obviously there will be a difference between air condition vs not, etc). Would love any info or where I can find more info. Thanks!

@Meredith Carter get with Graham and Company in Birmingham. They are local experts in the southeast. I've worked with their Huntsville branch for 3 years and they have never let me down on my warehouse projects.

On rental, depending on size, an average 10k sqft building in Birmingham would lease for $5 sqft total (1,000+/-sq of office and the remainder in warehouse space) When you get upwards of 50,000sqft you're going to be in the low $4 sqft range. Note that these are non-climate controlled warehouses.

Let me know if I can help in any way.