Small Resort Management Software?

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Hi, I'm under contract to purchase a 12-unit resort on a lake about 40 minutes away from my home.  Guests will stay between 2 - 30 days at at time, with most stays being 2 - 7 days.  I will be handling advertising, reservations and collecting payments, and my onsite manager will be handling the day to day tasks of turn overs, check ins, check outs, coordinating contractors, etc.  There are good reasons for why we have it set up this way that I won't go into at this time.

To help us coordinate our efforts, I would like recommendations on a software package that can do the following:

1) Link up to online nightly rental bookings like AirBnb so we can keep track of all bookings on one calendar, but still allows us to book outside those platforms for repeat business.

2) Automates emailing any PDF e-signature pages for any legal disclaimers / "stay" agreement / liability waivers for using the swimming pool, etc.  Basically, takes care of the sign-in process in advance of Guests showing up.

3) Allow for adds-ons like boat rentals, ice for coolers, and other miscellaneous up-charges.

4) Is accessible to more than one person so that my onsite manager can log in each morning to see the bookings and turnover schedule to give to our housekeeper.

5) (optional, but nice) Allows Guests to pay for their stays thru the software.

I appreciate your time in advance!