How can I find out more information on this property?

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I've been looking at this property and trying to find out more about it and all of a sudden zillow says its up for auction tomorrow morning.

Is there anywhere I can go to find out more valid information than Zillow? It says its a non-judicial auction. I've looked up what that is online but don't have a good sense of that really means.

I'm just looking to chat back and forth for the next hour or so about this property if anyone is interested in teaching a newb a few things quick!

It may be too late - but you can go to the county tax records and look up by address to find out who owns the property, then go to the county's "official public records" and search the name and see if there are any other liens on the property.  

Wake up bright & early tomorrow morning, start calling around to auction houses, etc. and see if you can find out who or where this place is being auctioned. If that doesn't pan out,  maybe attempt to track down Carolyn H. Rollins (property owner on the tax roll) pronto to see if she has any info regarding the auctioning of the house. Be sure to let me know how it turns out. As a fellow investor in the Triangle I can definitely learn from your experience!

So Carolyn H. Rollins is the owner of the property.

Joe Gore

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