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The house I am looking at does not have the meter hooked up to the box it is gone. and the 2 wires going to the box have been cut (not stolen or anything just cut). Is this a bad sign or is this normal?

It's not unusual for a meter to be missing on forecloseures particularly.    The bad sign may be that the house is in an area that is subject to copper theft.  I've witnessed a large decrease in that activity over the last few years locally.  It's unusual that they are messing with the large wires as they more typically take the wires after the main panel. They may have started a strip job and got interrupted. The cut wire may require a licenced electrician registered with the code enforcement issue a permit and complete the fix to the wire assuming it is on your side of the weatherhead on the roof.  It could be a simple fix to replace the wire, but they charge a bit more than you would expect.  Where I'm located,  the power company maintains the line leading up to the weatherhead.  The weather head and the wire going to the main panel are the property owner's responsibility.  General trend of utilities here has been to expand the work required by property owners.  You could talk to a good local electrician and get an idea of the rough cost.  Only certain contractors can issue permits.  The code department likely publishes their names on their website.  Watch out for those big wires if they are connected at the pole by the street and are hot! Safety first.

I looked at a property last week where the electrical had been stripped.  As @George Helms  said, it's certainly not unheard of, just something you have to add to your budget.

If you're concerned about the safety or desirability of the area from a crime standpoint, your city/county should have a website with crime statistics for the area.  Another great way to get an idea about the area is to chat with neighbors.  Bring them some Christmas cookies and they'll tell you everything you want to know and more!

@George Helms  @Andrew Davis  Thanks yall! Nothing looks stolen or even messed with at that. The inside doesnt look like its been broken into or vandalized theres not even a broken window. The only thing is, i got told by the neighbors that the owner left on bad terms and let his son go in with a sledge hammer and hit some of the walls 

You are welcome!  Again safe when you start up the electrical there.  If they beat up the walls, it can jar the electrical in strange places and cause serious issues.  Look at the holes and see if the electrical was impacted as a safety precaution.

Thank you! @George Helms  Is there a way to hook up a generator to certain fuses before the electricity is on? 

I heard if you plug a generator into the electrical outlet it will power anything on that breaker. But i dont really see that working 

I'm not an electrician...but have heard there are ways to hook a generator up and feed the house via the panel as a backup power source.  I would not do it myself, but have an electrician do it for me.  I'm very careful with electrical personally.

A couple of things...

Often when we rehab a property & go to a higher amp panel we are often required to upgrade the old meter. The utility will consult you on this. However, on a recent rehab a friend did he installed a new meter, as required, but after installing it he was told it NOW had to be a longer run from the pole, as the utility poles ran across the back yard. So it had to be removed & installed at the opposite end of the house. But they compromised allowing a longer run under the eaves from the other side of the home to the newly installed meter. 

On the subject of generator switches this is the one we have been installing.

But if you have a portable generator why bother with the cost & trouble installing a transfer switch, unless it's going to be a future selling point???

Good luck 

So my question is, if there is no meter will the power company install a new one for you for free when the come to turn on the power? 

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