Pensacola florida foreclosures

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Hey biggerpockets! I need some advice and help with this process. I am interested in a property going up for foreclosure and just want to mentally prepare myself for it. What is the process on bidding or putting in an offer? How long does one usually take? Just a few questions for now but will have more later. Any advice is greatly appreciated!

@Joshua Starbuck

It depends, is the house being sold on the Escambia county foreclosure auction, an auction website like, or Hubzu, or is it on the MLS? Those would all give different answers to your question. Give us some more information and you will get a better answer.

I am in the Destin area and have been keeping my eye on Hubzu and homesearch.  You all had any luck with any of those sites?

@Jake Armstrong

I just moved back down here from MD a few months ago and watch those sites as well.  I bought a house on homesearch in MD and it turned out very well for me.  I wrote a post about my experience if you want to check it out, may help you in a future purchase with them.  I have bid on Hubzu in the past but haven't closed on one yet. 

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