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Hi my Name is Jenny and I'm just getting started in the real estate world in Los Angeles, as an investor. But since I just moved here I don't know any real estate attorney that could help me with some legal documents, and I want to be sure that I'm in compliance with the laws of California, when it comes to foreclosures, real estate laws, legal documents, etc... could someone help me on this? Also, I'm going to need an attorney when closing deals, and I want someone I can trust and is reliable. thanks!!! 

I am a real estate attorney in Los Angeles who will be moving to Cleveland. However, I can help you with answering questions, finding local attorneys or even doing some of the work. Even though I may not be in Los Angeles, I can help remotely. PM Me. Thank you.

thanks David! that's great! I really don'y know how this forum works, can we meet in your office or we do it online? thanks again! :)

you can email me

Good morning, David! did you receive my e-mail? if not, let me know so I can post my questions here. 

Thanks! Have a nice day :)

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