Pre-foreclosure/NOD Lists

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Hello BP Family,

I am looking to focus more of my marketing on Pre-foreclosure properties.  However, I am having some challenges obtaining lists.

I have contacted a number of different title companies in my surrounding counties (I am in New York by the way) and they all tell me the same thing, that they don't have these lists.  However, from everything I have heard in the past they should. 

Can someone please provide me with some direction on where to obtain this list.  I know that it is public record so I would rather do extra work than pay for another service.

Thanks in advance to all!!

The foreclosure process in NY is very slow, I've talked with sellers that haven't made payments in 2 years.  I am in Upstate NY.

Purchasing a list and direct marketing to them might be a small upfront fee to purchase and mail, but it's targeted and will save you time in the long run.  Time is finite, money is not.

One thing you might want to look into is a mortgage lates list.  Focus on 120+ days late, these people might be more motivated before the foreclosure notices start.

If you want to still work on the pre-foreclosures, NYS has Lis Pendens, I believe, not NoD. and both have that information. is super cheap, I pay $5/month for their data, but I can not vouch for their accuracy -- I haven't used them in a while.

 the county sheriff, who will administer the sale, have a website where the lists are posted. it is right there from the source. adresses, names, dates, etc