Auction postponed after auction occurred

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I live in NC, where there is a ten day upset bid period on foreclosures, and I was present at a recent foreclosure auction. I literally saw the auction take place and it was done through I saw the highest bidder and it went for well above the opening bid. When I went back the next day to upset the highest bid, the clerk if the court couldn't find the paperwork. I called the trustee and the representative I spoke with said the auction has been postponed. I was baffled because how could it be postponed AFTER it had already occurred?  Anyone know how or why this could happen?  Doesn't make sense at all to me. 


For your edification, in Colorado Notice of Election and Demand or NED is the term used.

"After three months of missed payments, the mortgage company will file a Notice of Election and Demand (NED) with the public trustee from the respective county. This notice is sent to the homeowner, marking the beginning of the official foreclosure process. The NED will contain information about the foreclosing attorney, who represents the mortgage company, as well as the public auction sale date set for the property."