Seeking Real Estate Agent in Tampa specializing in Foreclosures

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My husband and I are trying to purchase our first investment party and would like to buy a Foreclosed home. We are currently in the process of finding a Real Estate agent who is familiar with the process of buying a foreclosed home in the Tampa Bay area. 



@EV Allen-Jamison I could assist you with that, please send me a PM and we can talk in more detail.

My partner works on Tampa area, you can find him on google tropical shores Daniel Benning 

he has 20 years flipping and will  be happy to give you free advice on where to look and have a 30%return

I have been the listing agent on several REO deals. I know how the banks market and negotiate the contracts. Please reach out if you'd like more info.

@EV Allen-Jamison Most realtors have access to foreclosures and can help you, but what you need is someone who is more in touch with the system and how to maximize your investment. I have purchased some foreclosures using a broker that also works for a real estate hedge fund. He is really good. I'll send you a separate message with his contact information if you want to give him a call.

Good luck to you.

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