Finding pre-foreclosure list

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Has anyone used to get a preforclosure list? I think it’s backed by Bigger Pockets? I see most of the foreclosures on Zillow or my agent sends them to me but I’m just not finding many deals. 

We did one flip last year and have put multiple offers in on different properties this month to get started on another. We are using all of our own capital so we are only able to do one at a time for this year but we are hoping to scale in 2019. My goal for this year is to flip 4 and create a good system to find deals to scale in 2019. 

I know mailers are popular, but where are you all getting your pre-foreclosure info from (list source/, etc.)? 

Well they  are recorded at the county.. most large counties will have some techy guy that sells a list.

one of the west coast power houses in this arena is getting ready to go nationwide and when that happens you will have it all on your phone.. 

Hey Lauryn,  you can get lists from listsource and Melissa Data as well- hope that helps.  The lists are only as good as the county reporting though, so keep that in mind!  I live in Salt Lake County and the lists are updated frequently, but there are some counties here in Utah where I look at the data and it's about 5 years old, so just be aware of that.  Best of luck!