Wholesaling FL property

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I am having trouble with a property i think is a great deal. I don't know if my network isn't big enough or what it is. I have an FL property for $602,500 that is def worth $1.3M but am having trouble finding an end flip investor. Is there any advice anyone can give me? This will be my first closed deal.

Updated about 2 years ago

Sent contractor to the house. I have updated numbers Calling all Rehabbers!!! Beautiful Victorian in a historical area of desirable Winter Park, Florida. Needs some TLC to bring it back to its former glory. Looking for a smart investor who wants to jump on this opportunity and make a great profit. Here is a snapshot of the numbers. Purchase Price- $630,500 Rehab- $153,000 ARV- $930,000 Call me for the Rehab Analysis provided by a local contractor ACT FAST as this WILL NOT LAST! COMP---- SINGLE STORY with NO POOL and SMALLER sqft Sold for $848,000 on 9/20/18 Call Me or email me using the reply

@Justin Wragg the numbers sounds appealing as any investor would jump on this opportunity I would re run the ARV/COMPS again and speak with some agents to ensure your on track. Only other concern is the price point you might have to widen your buyer's list far as price but also make sure that it's what your flippers are looking for too. Good luck

Hi Justin,

I think part of the problem you're having is the price point.  A property of that price is going to be a tougher sale for a flipper since they typically stay on the market longer once completed and it's a lot of capital to tie up.  Florida is not like Southern California where prices are much higher.

You can buy a 3500 sqft 5 bed, 4 bath on a lake with 1.25 acres of land in a gated community for under $600k here in West Palm Beach.  Of course, the closer you get to the Ocean and the further south you go, the prices can go up, but it's a totally different market then So Cal where $1million+ homes are the norm.

Can you connect with me and send me the address? I don't mind taking a look at the property and see if I know anyone with any interest.