Sheriff sale in Montgomery County Pa

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A property that is listed for the sheriff sale, who owns it? As in if you would try to buy it before the actual sherrif sale, do you speak to the lawyers, the bank or the current home owner?

Anyone has experience with this?

In short: What is the best way to go about buying a foreclosure before the sheriff sale?

Thanks in advance

@Hillel Sperlin If the property has been foreclosed the only way to purchase it would be through the auction. If the property does not get bid on and is not purchased at the auction it becomes an REO. In this case, you will need to directly deal with the lender who foreclosed the property or the RE agent they give the contract to if it is listed with an agent or agency. If the property is still in the foreclosure process and is in the "pre-foreclosure" period, you can try to hash out a deal with the current owner.

Hope this helps!