Contacting owner of pre-foreclosure

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First post! Hi guys, there's a house in my town which has gone into pre-foreclosure. Long story short, the owners of the house are an elderly couple and the husband was sent to jail a few years back for running a ponzi scheme. Since then I believe the husband has died and it seems as though the wife has disappeared. The house's yard is overgrown and when I went to put a letter in her mailbox, it was stuffed with old mail and newspapers. Does anyone have any experience with a situation like this? I found the foreclosure court case online and can see who her lawyer is and which bank is foreclosing on her. Any suggestions on my course of action? I would like to contact her and make an offer on her house.

@William Olsen If the husband was convicted of a financial crime there is most likely a lis pendens filed against the property. If you arent able to get in contact with the wife prior to the foreclosure then its a lost cause.

@William Olsen welcome to Biggerpockets! Try to skip trace the owner's contact number. I am not sure if there's any company who will be willing to skip trace only one contact number but you can contact BatchSkipTracing.