Where can I find foreclosure listings without a membership ?

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Hi Ned, thanks for the info. I agree on your "FREE" statement and that is something I preach myself to others. I don't mind paying for value. I don't expect "everything for free"...in fact, practically nothing is. What I don't like are these sites that charge and then you find out you are paying for public knowledge. Kind of like paying for Zillow or realtor.com

Public notices that list the default and the sale, are free, and are the most accurate reflection of the status of a defaulted loan. Those public notices are listed in a local newspaper. Depending on the state/county, they have to be published continuously for a period of weeks or more. What you won't see in those papers is the cancellation of those notices, other than a cessation of the publishing of said notice so, from that standpoint, you might not see the most up to date information but, you aren't usually going to see that from a paid service either, at least, not timely. 

What you get from the paid services are volume, and targeted volume. What you don't get usually is data validation. Both have their place and both have their pitfalls.

If i were looking into a foreclosure possibility in a certain area, i'd start with local newspapers (Most are on line versions as well now so, even being remote, you could have access). I'd follow up with local courthouse to see if i can get more info and finally, if it all looked go that point, i'd pay for some title work and then get my cash ready and prepare to bid (All things being equal) when the sale date comes.