4) Why do other investors suggest always use a land
trusts for the homeowner in preforeclosure and he or
she is the beneficiary of his own trust

5) to protect ourselves as investors to do a 2nd
document which is called an assignment of beneficial
interest of land trust what is the purpose this 2nd

This 2nd document shall not be recorded in public
reocrd of any county and you have him sign this
document over to you as the owner, he assign to you
one hundred percent to you, this document does not
exist until everyone signs it, as long it is not
exececised it does not exist, both top parts are
signed not the bottom, then what happens afterwards do
you have to pay tax twice

6) what do you afterwards you set up a land trust do
you do a short sale, do you record the land trust, it
or do you do something else