Finding a property owner's phone number?

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Good morning BP,

There is a property about a block from my duplex in Duluth, MN that appears to be uninhabited. I've already used the county tax auditor to find the LLC the property is under. My question is how do you guys go about contacting property owner's once you've found their name or the entity the property is in?

DealMachine has a skip tracing feature I've used before. The numbers aren't always right but sometimes they are. There's other services out there too that specialize in tracking down contact information. provides phone numbers and emails. Phone number are good about 40% of the time and emails about 30% of the time.   There is a cost to use their service but it is relatively inexpensive.

If you have the name of the LLC, I would try googling them + the state they are incorporated in. Sometimes that info is public knowledge. You can also search facebook for the name, you may be able to find the founders through there.

@Noah McPherson hard to say…. If their office is for the real estate company then I say yes. However they might be in another profession and just have their investment stuff sent to their office. You might walk into a chiropractic office 😂🤷‍♂️