Wholesaling or birddogging apartments

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Anyone investing in apartments? You mind sharing your success.

I just started marketing to apartment owners and the response rate has been much higher than residential.

Hello @Avery Johnson Congrats on getting a good response rate. What markets are you prospecting in? What size properties are most of the responses?

Thank you @Giovanni Isaksen I market in Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona. I've contacted owners that own complexes with 20 units and under.

Hello @Avery Gilmer how are you marketing to the apartment owners? Direct mail, phone calls, other?

@Erick Martinez  I use different skip tracing websites like 411.com zabasearch.com TLO.com intelius.com 

@Avery Gilmer  Okay, how did you know who's name to search up? 

I'm sorry if I'm asking such rookie questions, I really new to this. Thank you for the advice Avery. 

No problem.  So I get my list of addresses from my title company & in that list it has the owners name & their physical address along with the subject property I'm interested in.  So once I skip trace their name or physical address it's going to give me their phone  numbers. If the numbers aren't accurate or disconnected I will send them a yellow letter 

I own/buy in those AZ markets and am very interested in 20+ units and am happy to pay a fee for assignment.

Great marketing plan. We do the same in Los Angeles.

@Avery Gilmer  Wow that's a great idea. Thank you for the advice Avery, much appreciated

@Matt Skinner I have a nice C+ 18 unit property in Arizona available right now, running just under a 10 CAP on actuals. Area is about 8 CAP.

Shine on,


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