bulk appliance sources?

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Hi! I'm needing a dozen stoves (the little ones) and fridges. Does anyone have any tips for sources that might provide bulk discounts? Or any idea how much/if any/ discount I might be able to negotiate? So far I have researched Sears, Best Buy and AJ Madison

one good thing about these sources is that they will do free shipping...

@Jean Bolger  - They usually have a "contractor" point person that will offer discounts.  I did a somewhat bulk purchase from AJ Madison and because they are out of state I had 0% sales tax + free shipping + they were slightly cheaper on the actual units 

Home Depot has a buy more save more, program for appliances that offers a pretty significant discount.  When you buy six or more appliances, they take a standard discount of 400 or 600 (it was almost a year ago, I'm not definite) off the total purchase!

I've also heard of HD and Lowes sending those bulk purchases "out to bid" or to their "bid desk" for special bulk pricing? It's definitely worth asking when you make a bulk purchase if their are any special programs that will help take some of the bite out of a large cash outlay!

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