Two Multi-Family Unit Properties In Houston, Tx

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I'm looking for buyers for these two properties offered as a portfolio or individually.

Any info on the properties?

Good Morning 

I'd love to know more.

Just give a little bit more details

Hi Amber Koontz and Jane Alstatt,

First of all sorry for the delay.

These are two apartment communities located approximately 2.0 miles from the Houston Galleria district and comprises a total of 1,416 units and almost 40 acres of real estate. These properties are being offered as a portfolio or on an individual basis, allowing an investor to startegically acquire select assets or gain economics of scale with a portfolio purchase.

All assets in the portfolio are uniquely positioned for interior unit upgrades to significantly increase rents and generate high returns.They have undergone 5.7m and 4.7m in recent capital improvements, respectively. Capital improvements include, but are not limited to, the following; roof replacement, repairs to down units, clubhouse improvements, landscaping, parking lot repairs.

Asking 50 million for both properties.

If this is something that may interest you please don't hesitate to contact.


 Kenneth Knight                                                                                   [email protected]                                                                                                   215-868-9228

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