Master lease agreement, anyone???

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I am fairly new to this concept? However, i think there is great opportunity in this market i am with lots of under managed apartment buildings. any one have any experience here? 

@Ali Hall

If you use the search function at the top right of the page you can search for master leasing and read through the forums that discuss the topic. There are several forums and blog posts and lots of people with experience you can connect with. Also try and remember to tag posts with city/county and state so your post will be seen by local investors in your area. Good luck.

We have offered it before but never gotten one through. Its kind of like seller financing in a way, but i would only do it with the plan to acquire the property in the near future.

I have one, check my sig and shoot me an email.

In terms of getting it accepted, it would usually mean the property is mismanaged and you would have to convince the seller that you can get the job done to get it stabilized. There would have to be upside for you and enough equity to make it worthwhile for you. 

In terms of negotiation, I would focus on what is the big pain of the seller and find out truly if he's highly motivated. 

You would then have to demonstrate through your credibility kit/team that you can manage the property and hit your goals. You may have to put together a proforma showing your goals and how you will do it. Basically paint a picture for your seller. 

Good luck!

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