Low Down on San Leandro, CA Apartments

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I have a credible off market lead for an B- / C+ class apartment building in San Leandro (near the hospital) that fits my investing profile. It is outside my historical bay area stomping grounds so I don't know the neighborhoods street by street. Anyone doing deals in San Leandro or Oakland know the area well enough that they can talk specifics? I tend to stay away from C class and want to make sure this is the right property to improve.

- Gratefully

@Shane Pearlman  Give me the cross streets... some areas I am very familiar with. Badlands, pre-hills, Intl. I kind of love that area, and lived in warehouse in deep deep oakland for a while in my 20's.

Recently made a long slow timelapse drive all the way from 4th and international to 580, and then back again. Lots of interesting footage. Lots.