Registered with the DCA?

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I was looking at multifamily properties online and ran across a listing that states "Property registered with DCA (I assume DCA means Division of Community Affairs)."  Does this mean the property is part of a Section 8 program?  I included a link to the property below.   

All NJ multifamilies 3 or more units need to be registered with DCA. This is so they have you on record to perform the 5 year green card inspections with the state - it has nothing to do with section 8. It is also very important to make sure you have registration card when you are evicting tenants since judges (especially where I am in Hudson County) demand to see a copy of it prior to even hearing your case in landlord tenant court.

Apply early since it takes about a month to get the registration back from the state.

It probably means that the building has a registered green card from the state. See FAQ below.