Arizona Register Agent or LLC in AZ?

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Hi BPs,

I owned one rental property in AZ and need to file an eviction. Since this property is owned by and LLC registered in CA. The eviction attorney told me that I need to register as foreign entity in the state of AZ or I will not able to have the court order for the eviction.

Have anyone done this in AZ and don't mind to share the experiences and who you use for register agent and the cost? Also, it's better if I form a LLC in AZ? Cost vs benefits between LLC and foreign entity?

I am researching to learn more about this topic ...


Registration of a foreign entity is much easier than forming an LLC, paying the annual filing fees, additional tax returns, dissolution, etc. Registration in AZ can be done by filing a form from the Arizona Corporation Commission's website at

Submit that form to the State of AZ and wait for their response. Should take less than 10 days. 

You will need to find a registered agent. Find the cheapest one you can. Should be less than $100 per year. I would say you should be able to find someone who would do that for $50p/year.  Just do a inter web search for Arizona Registered Agent Service and make a few calls. 

Although I am an attorney, this suggestion does not create an attorney-client relationship nor does it represent legal advice.  I am a licensed attorney in Arizona but do not live there, otherwise I could help you more. Seeking a business planning attorney in Arizona would be my first suggestion for you. does a lot of work for LLCs in Arizona.