Investor friendly realtor for dupage, cook county

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Hello, I am located near midway area. I am preparing to house hack soon with multi family, 2-4 unit. Any investor friendly realtors that are familiar with dupage Or chicago area feel free to connect! Would like to gather deeper insight to narrow criteria, thanks!

Hi Alexander,

I am a Realtor in Chicago for the last 10 years and help buyers and sellers with their home sales and purchase in Cook County. I live in Chicago myself. I own my own home and multi-unit and have helped many of my clients purchase their investment properties. I help them make a sound decision of the location, rent potential and growth in equity. Ultimate the decision will be yours, but I help guide my clients by providing them with the understanding of the market. Let me know how I can further assist you. Getting started on an MLS search along with talking to a lender will be your first steps.

Alexander, I am a Realtor in Chicago with experience in 2-4 unit and multifamily properties.

I call myself an Investor Friendly Agent due to the fact that I understand time is of the essence in every sense of the phrase, and keep my Buyers informed through out the entire process. I am reachable 24/7 and put my personal agenda aside when it comes down to business and willing to get it done and the drop of a hat.

Let me know how I can assist you in reaching your goals.

Hi Alexander,
Suppose I'll throw my hat in the ring too. I've been working for/with investors for 10 years and have been focusing on multi-units in Chicago almost exclusively over the last year for clients and myself. Feel free to reach out anytime!
Happy house hunting,

Hello all - I am looking for any realtors specializing in Cook County who may have off MSL deals.  Seems all I get these days are listings that I can find myself on  Am I asking too much?  BTW - looking for income producing 4 units outside of war zones.  Ready to view ASAP as I am currently under a 1031 Exchange timeline.

Thank you all for response to help I highly appreciate it! 

Hi Michael,

Since you are under a 1031 Exchange timeline, are you not finding anything in the MLS that catches your interest?

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