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Hello, I'm new to REI and found a 4 unit mutli family unit that a family friend is selling. Any suggestions for hard money lenders in the Northern California area?

Are you trying to flip the property or hold if for cash flow.?

Most genuine HMLs will lend you 65% of purchase at 10% and 2 to 3 points.   4 units is tricky, however.  You must be able to convince them that you are not going to live there.  Otherwise the lender will be limited by many rules and regulations and disclosures, and he may shy away from lending $ to you.

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I'm planning to flip and hold. The property needs a lot of work and no real system has been in place. The owners moved out of the country and their kids want to just sell it. 

Thank you guys for your fast replies! 

There are definitely no plans on moving into it since it's an hr away from me. So, to clarify, a HML prefers that you don't stay on the property & it'll be easier to get funded once we prove that we aren't moving there?

Hello Ella,

How do the numbers look? Does the deal make sense? Reason I ask is because if it makes sense, you should have no problem finding a lender. If you ever need help analyzing any deals, let me know. I would love to help.

Best of Luck!


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