Pulling a list for Multi Family to send direct mail to

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Hi Everyone, 

Was wondering the different ways you get lists of multi family properties to send direct mail to. I've used title companies for larger MSA's but am having a hard time getting anything from title co's in smaller ones. Tried creating a list using listsource and didn't come up with more than 60 leads from 3 larger MSA's with basic criteria. Any advice?

Joe just beat me to it - county assessor is the first place i'd look.

Even if I'm looking at MLS listings I'll always check the assessor site as well to confirm taxes, assessed value, land vs improvements, etc.

Owner's name & mailing address is usually listed there or is easily obtained.

Thank you for your response. So what you two are saying, is you can go to the county assessor website and search for properties that are zoned for multi family and build your own list. I'm used to looking up properties that I already have the address to but not looking for properties just based on zoning. I'm sure I can figure it out. Thank you again for responding!

I would send an inquiry to the appraisal district and see if they have a mechanism in place for tracking /identifying what property is a multi unit property ( along with the number of units). They should be able to provide you with the owner name /mailing info as well.  Sometimes there is a small fee depending on where you are sourcing from.  This is where I would start.  Then refine the data , figure out what properties are under the same ownership ( i.e. same mailing address...) merge those and then shave off anything that is too small for what you are looking for ..... good luck . 

@Gen SteMarie thank you for your response! I just got a list from the county assessor but wasn't too specific about criteria beyond number of minimum units. Would love to connect with you, if you would, about how you pull your lists. What you look for and why.