Seeking to Build a Network of Partners for Multifamily Opps

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Hey BP Family,

I am looking to connect with like minded individuals that are currently investing and/or seeking to invest in Multifamily opportunities. I would also like to network with syndicators, property managers, attorneys, etc. I am happy to connect with anyone to share ideas and exchange knowledge across any markets.  In addition, if anyone is local to N. Virginia or the DC Metro area could you please share any investment groups you are a part of to collaborate? Thank you. 



@Robert Walker

Capital City REIA in Alexandria, VA is a good one with a number of people interested in multi-family. Feel free to connect with me as I am currently analyzing a few properties since my last contract fell through after the inspection turned up some things.

@Stephanie P. Thanks for your response. I have searched through the meetups. A number of them don't appear to be active based on the calendar of events. Are there any specific ones you would recommend? Or do you know anyone that has a recommendation? 

@Ryan Cox Goal is to build a portfolio of opportunities with a mix of cash flow and equity deals. Currently focusing on 80+ units with value add/repositioning opportunities. Ideally, C+ or C properties in B - areas but open to other strategies as well if it nets the right ROI.

@Robert Walker

Deals meetup at National Harbor in Oxon Hill is a good one for you.  They meet on the first Wednesday of each month.

The CAZA series is also really good.  Dan Rochon has one at Keller Williams Kingstowne in Springfield on the 24th.

Mihaela Amira has a great one for multi family investors downtown at the Berkshire Hathaway office in Eastern Market

There's one for condo financing through Movement Mortgage at the Total Wine and More in Ballston (Arlington) that comes with a free wine tasting on 1/30

Washington Capital Partners does one in Falls Church. 

Go to and you'll find others that are good.  My rule of thumb is if they ask you to pay to attend, go to one that doesn't.  Most are free.  The Deals Meetup at National Harbor even has a happy hour before the meeting and they pay for your first drink.

Hope to see you at one of them


Hello Robert,

Good luck with everything. I am also looking into investing into multi family housing as well. I’m also new to BP and a Washingtonian. I plan on attending some of the REI meetings in the area, and look forward to making connections as well.

Hey @Robert Perry welcome to BP! I agree with all others and getting involved with local meetup and REIA's, but I would advise you go in with an elevator pitch on what you do and what you are looking to do. This will not only help with your confidence being new, but also let other investors know that you are confident and willing to learn and do whatever it takes to succeed. I would also advise to get on the podcasts and look up all the MFR podcasts (especially the ones from Grant Cardone) because his energy will inspire and give you reasoning behind MFR's and what you need to do to be successful. My investing in MFR's is all done in Macon, Ga but I'm always looking to for returns elsewhere if the income, timing, location and size makes sense. If you come across anything keep me updated and best of luck!