2018 Top Multi-Family Markets for Cashflow

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What are your 2018 top multi-family markets in the US for acquiring class B and C, value add, cash flowing, long-term hold properties and why?

@Sven Simon   Great opportunities across the Midwest. 

I am currently focused on multifamily investing in DFW. Here are a few things that position Dallas for continued growth and would help me to identify other markets for investment.

  • Strong job and population growth.
  • Corporate headquarters relocating from across the country to DFW.
  • Diverse industries - Finance, airlines, oil & gas, etc
  • Limited geographic barriers to new development & economic success
  • Large institutional investment across MF, retail, office and industrial.

Hi Sven

New Braunfels Texas area has a lot of new MFH development in-progress right now.  Location is about half way between San Antonio and Austin.  Very active market in my opinion.  If Amazon chose to build a HQ in Austin, this area will go crazy (my guess)

Good luck

Any thoughts on Knoxville TN? We are beginning to dab in to this market but are still fairly new. Thanks

@Ryan Cox : Thanks for jumping on it. Are you an operator or investor? And are you doing new developments or add-value deals? I've heard and read quite a bit about DFW have already have already had a few phone conversations with local operators.

@Francois Frigon : Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I'll add New Braunsfeld to my list to explore further. What's your investments criteria there?

@Jordan Moorhead : I'll take a look.

Purchase price no more than $360k (New construction, and you will find many in NB)

12% cash-on-cash return with 20% down and 20yr loan at 5%.  Rent is around $1650 for these class A duplex

Dallas, San Antonio and Houston for me. These markets are close to me and have great projected job growth.

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