Multifamily in Columbus, Ohio

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Hi everyone!

I am from Southern California but one of the markets I plan to invest in is Columbus, Ohio. I'm planning on going there the 2nd week of February and need to plan out some tours and meetings so I make the most out of my trip. Does anyone have any recommendations on brokers, property managers, lenders/banks, asset managers, or contractors in the area I can contact? Would love to reach out and connect with them.

Any information is greatly appreciated!!

Hi @Lalita Patipaksiri

I work with a few OOS investors either on JV deals or just managing the rehab process. Feel free to reach out when you're in town!

@Lalita Patipaksiri I would reach out to @Robert Ellis and his team.   Am a fellow CA investor and he has help me bring my portfolio up to 16 units in Columbus.  Can share a few other contacts around PM’s to talk to and some feedback on a couple of lawyers.




Sounds like a great plan and I hope you enjoy your time there

I would recommend that you search around for a solid PM company and call as many as you can before you go to schedule times to meet up with you.

They’re going to be the most important group on the ground for you.

Hi Lalita,

That’s awesome your coming to Columbus. It really is a great city. All of the things you’ve asked for I can give you a few local companies too. I hope you enjoy the city!

Hi Lalita,

I can help with with a few recommendations on property managers and may have some opportunities you would be interested in.



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