First post on the forums here hoping I can get some help.

Currently live in Los Angeles with plans of moving to Chicago in the next few months and buying a duplex/triplex.

Looking into the south side particularly South Shore, Jackson/Washington Park, Chatham. 

I’ve been hearing these neighborhoods along with Englewood are expecting to be the next neighborhoods on the up n up in the area and was hoping to get some advice and possibly a realtor who’s experienced in the area.

I’ve just been pre approved for about 100k. Have some properties favorited on Redfin/zillow but would like more insight into which neighborhoods I should look into and which areas to avoid.

I hear it’s very much on a block by block basis. Mainly interested in the south side because of its history and as an African American would like to be apart of the rebuilding of the area. 

Any advice would be much appreciated :)