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for apartment complexes specifically, do the buyers need a specialized broker? how are some ways that buyers can benefit from a specialized broker and where can one find experienced professionals for a local area that have relevant apartment complex experience?

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You don't need to have a broker represent you as a buyer.  If you are new or exploring an unfamiliar market, a broker can help you navigate things, crafting an appropriate offer, etc.  Many of the players are on www.loopnet.com and you can also Google what you need with a few of the commercial companies for example Keller Williams, Coldwell Banker, Marcus & Millichap, CBRE, Cushman & Wakefield, etc.

My concern would be how will the buyer broker get paid?  It will either need to be by you or the listing agent would need to share his/her commission with the broker representing you.  So what do you think will happen in that scenario?  The seller accepting an offer from someone else that is unrepresented?? Yep.  Food for thought...

Hey @Yash Bajpai

Full disclosure, I'm bias because I'm a broker, but ALWAYS have your own agent. The listing agent representing the seller has a fiduciary responsibility to their client, so they are legally obligated to screw you over as much as possible. And as far as the commission thing goes that listing agent is also legally obligated to bring all offers to their client and the actual seller wont care if the agent has to split the commission or not so it shouldn't have any affect on your offer being accepted or not. 

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