Knob and Tube Wiring

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I am looking to purchase a house. I love the house and was very excited about it and ready to close. On the morning of closing the seller told me that he could not replace the knob and tube in the attic (with insulation) because it was still connected. I am pretty sure this is against code.. ?

Anyway, he agreed to pay me 2,000 (I could probably negotiate it higher like 3k). Can someone tell me the approximate cost of knob and tube replacement based on the details below? 

1. The home is only 1,100 square feet (two stories)

2. The first story and basement (water heater/ac etc.) has already been replaced with new electrical or at least the kitchen has. The living room is all grounded so I assume it is updated(?)

3. There is a new breaker installed with all new wiring and no knob and tube to be seen anywhere downstairs (unfinished basement)

4. Upstairs there is two bedrooms and one small bathroom (probably a total of 10ish outlets)

5. In the attic there is visible knob and tube and none of the the upstairs is grounded.

@Nic Hostetler   I doubt the plan would be to run much of it in the attic.  Most of it would come from the floor.  I think the center of the room lights would be the only thing in the attic.

What kind of wall construction do you have?  How tall are the ceiling?

I’ll guess plaster walls. Get estimates as I’m some guy in the internet. But I’ve done this a number of times. With wall repair 8-15k. It’s a messy job. If you are handy or willing to do demo and drywall you’d save money. However, zero chance you do a two story home for 3 grand. Plan on updating the panel and service at the same time.

Good luck

I actually think the walls are drywall upstairs but I’d have to go back and look again. 

I did forget to mention that the panel is brand new with all new wiring from a very reputable contractor. So that should save quite a bit right?

The ceilings upstairs are short, like 7-8 feet. Main level is taller probably like 9.

Wait is the wiring new or is it knob and tube? Can’t be both. Just please the panel is new doesn’t mean that much. Lots of times they’ll have a shining new panel and right next to it or down the wall is a huge junction box tying into all the old crap. Drywall vs plaster doesn’t really swing the needle much.

Side note you didn’t play soccer in Evansville did you? Our goalie had the same name as you.

Nic you need to schedule an inspection by a licensed inspector who knows what else the seller did not disclose. FSBO?

Simply call an electrician and get a quote . 

I would get an electrician and contractor to the house. Without seeing the property this could be $2,000 or $20,000

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