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Good Afternoon BP! So I just got my first multifamily property under contract. Its currently a triplex (3/2, 2/1, 1/1). The 2/1 and 1/1 are both rented out with longterm tenants on a month to month basis and below market rents:) I have enough space in the 3/2 to convert to fourplex if I so choose but I haven't made that decision just yet. The previous owner was actually living in the 3/2 but has since moved out. She stated that since the structure was built right on the property line the utility companies stated they would not be able to separate the meters. 

Utilities are broken down as such: Owner pays water apprx $120 monthly : Tenants split electric/gas $300 monthly

I say all of that to ask, Are there any companies that install the RUBS system here in San Antonio on such a small scale (2-4 units) ? Any local property management companies with expierence working with these companies or their software?

Installing special equipment may not be worth it for smaller properties.

Can you split a % based on number of tenants or unit size? Some states do not allow this.

Considering the small numbers of the units and that ALL utilities are on 1 meter You should consider adding the cots t the rent and just leasing it at $xyz include utilities. 

This is possibly the easiest  way to recoup the cost.