Norfolk and Virginia Beach

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Good afternoon everyone! Does anyone know of a lender in the area that will do an 80% LTV loan on 5-unit? We have our eye one one but there’s a big difference between 20% down and 30% down. I currently have a HELOC for 30% of the equity on a rental property in VB, does anyone know of a lender that will go higher than that? Lastly, does anyone have experience doing a 1031, selling the house with a tenant in it? Thanks everyone! Best, Rhett

Union will do 75%. Pm me and I’ll give you specific contact info. Maybe with negotiation on other terms you could bring it to 80%. Also for HELOC, I’ve found Chartaway FCU offering 90% LTV.

PenFed does 80% on non owner occupied HELOCs. Also, I believe Langley Federal Credit Union will do 95% (that's what they told me over the phone but I never went farther then that).