Pre made analyzer spreadsheet

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Pre made analyzer spreadsheet

I started to put together an Excel spreadsheet with some fairly sophisticated ideas in mind. I know Excel basics, but I soon got more caught up in the details of making the spreadsheet rather than finding deals. I have purchased some pre made spreadsheets to analyze and underwrite potential apartment building investments, but I would like to know what you all use and/or recommend.   Thanks to all who help.

Originally posted by @Juan Vargas :

@Omar Khan has a very detailed and advanced spreadsheet that he created. He can probably help you analyze any deal you come across. 

Happy for the shout out Juan. 

@Mark Forest As I mentioned, we're building out our software specifically for multifamily. The existing spreadsheets/programs are either too generic and simplified. 

We're able to leverage our institutional finance + operating backgrounds to make a better product than the typical deal analyzers out there. To be honest, the BP spreadsheets are a decent start but do not adequately do the job for serious investors.

Happy to share insights/feedback and answer any questions you might have.

I am looking forward to Omar's  spreadsheet.  i am certainly interested in hearing about what the rest of you currently use.  do you all just design your own?

Originally posted by @Mark Forest :

I am looking forward to Omar's  spreadsheet.  i am certainly interested in hearing about what the rest of you currently use.  do you all just design your own?

The answer depends on the size, scope and nature of the properties you are looking to acquire. Smaller properties do not have as many moving parts and are simpler to manage. 

The complexity arises when you are (A) managing other people's money and/or (B) engaging in larger assets with more moving parts. 

We'll setup a call soon and I can go over some of my models. 

Omar, I prefer a one size fit all spreadsheet.  I am interested in syndicating deals, but if I come across a small building for which I can pay cash i want to analyze that too.

Great question @Mark Forest , most of us can get a great start with the BP analyzers , and they are great for the "small stuff". But as soon as you get into CRE (5+ units) they cannot handle all the wheels turning inside a commercial size multifamily syndication, as @Omar Khan pointed out.

Some of us have listened and learned from @Michael Blank a thing or two or three. For me and my family, the MF Breeze team, his "Syndicated Deal Analyzer" (SDA) was a complete game changer and finally allows any of us to enter the major league.

Looking forward to having a great journey together and doing awesome deals with all of you in 2018.

Originally posted by @Ken Breeze :

@Omar Khan I'd be very interested in seeing your analyzer one of these days. Is there a demo on your site or do you demo in a one on one call?

One-on-one for clients. Biggest concern with any of the spreadsheets you download off the internet: nobody shows you monthly returns. The devil is in the details. 

Reasons why:

- modeling monthly returns is a major PITA i.e. high level of technical competence required

- inter-year volatility including cash shortfalls is masked with annual only returns

- in a live deal, you will always run into issues with reporting i.e. how do you compare forecast #s with actual #s. 

In other words, you don't wait for the end of the year to check up with your PM and accountant how your property performed. Then, why would you forecast annually?

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