Shopping for Apartments

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I'm looking for units of 60+ doors and I cannot figure out where to find these online. Everything on loopnet is either already sold or out of my price range and craigslist is slim pickings. 

Any suggestions? 

@Pablo Miguel Hernandez Loopnet is better for finding brokers, not properties themselves. As @Sean Morrisey make contact with brokers, they hold deals you won't find on the internet.

Get on all the Multifamily brokerage distribution lists.  That's just the beginning.

Build your team including those that brokers know and have a good reputation.

Get your business plan together that includes investment targets and criteria.

Next step is to build long term lasting relationships with multifamily brokers.  If you just call them without any credibility, team in place, what you are specically looking for and/or have not met them they will most likely not send you good deals.

Hope this helps.