Aloha!!! KAUAI Hawaii Equity cash out REFI

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Bigger Pockets Refi question Our Intro: Hi we are husband and wife dynamic duo Kevin and Monica. We are/becoming real estate professionals and seeking to FIRE. WooT! GOAL: we surpass the milestone and target of 10k$ a month net passive income —so we can FIRE, we currently working are in active duty military family and stationed in the panhandle of Florida. (We are currently seeking multi family deals as well.) Background: We own a triplex in Hawaii and three properties in Florida; of which 2 are single family homes and one duplex. Problem Situation: We currently only have one of the properties in a commercial loan and held by an LLC. And the other 3 homes are managed as separate LLCs, but loans are in our personal names. Seeking reduction of liability eventually with all homes in LLCS when rates are better for commercial loans or we BRRR these homes. Problem statement: My question is What is the BEST method to cash out equity, as one home has 300-400k sitting available before we get to the 80% LTV. How and with whom should we proceed with refinance options both commercial and personal loan routes? My why: I asked because We fear liability for that negatively leveraged land under utilized equity asset not to mention the opportunity costs are losing for us.  Our CPA stated we have become negatively  leveraged. Good news part: My current interest rate is a VA loan with 3.25% on $405,000  balance & my property recently appraised in the $1.1 million range (really good part) Seeking the HOW! I’m sure there are many options out there I just can’t seem to find decent commercial products or viable personal loans to refinance and capture this equity so I can leverage it for future purchases. Can you help me? Aloha! Mucho mahaloz

Aloha Kevin & Monica! Thanks for reaching out here on BP. To clarify, the triplex is located on Kauai? If so, I'm happy to connect you with a couple lenders you can speak with to get that refinanced! Let me know.