Certification course on Multifamily

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@Giridhara Gowdra chandranna Most colleges/universities offer extensive courses on real estate. The majority are way better than the average "guru" sells in seminars. 

Honestly, your best bet is to actively network, read books (boring and interesting alike) and listen to podcasts to develop your knowledge.

@Omar Khan The first thing any new investor would look into is the markets to invest into. 

While going through your profile, found that you moved from Canada to TX. Was  the reason behind the move the multifamily market in TX. 

The reason I am asking this question is, I am in a similar situation and in the verge of making a conscious decision. As of now I stay in San Diego and searching for a market where I can invest in small multifamily homes(non-commercial). Based on my research and feasibility of my employment Austin, TX is in the top of my list followed by Portland and Phoenix. 

The only reason I am planning a shift my family from San Diego is to venture into the multifamily business. So want to make a very conscious and well informed decision here. 

Any inputs on this would be greatly appreciated. 



Originally posted by @Giridhara Gowdra chandranna :


Was curious if there is any certification course offered by US universities on multifamily real estate investing. 

Focusing more on the multi-family practical system for US markets. 



You're better off finding someone to work for that does it, absorb info like a sponge.   Then buy something.  I know tons of investors.  Many that make $100k+ a MONTH in cash flow.  I don't think any took any college course on multifamily.  And many (inc me) don't even have a 4 year degree