Request to interview apartment complex owners

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Good Afternoon, BP community! My name is John. I have a rather large ask, but an important one nonetheless. Apartment complex investing has been an interest of mine for quite some time, though i knew it would be best to conduct a thorough research before diving right in. The first part of that involves conducting a mini interview with those that actually own apartment complexes. I’m going to ask basic questions regarding what a typical day looks like, what you wish you knew when you first started, lessons learned, etc. I plan on sending my questions to the inteeviewee in advance so they can prepare. Having said that, could willing participants please send me a private message on bigger pockets with your personal email address? At which point I will try to coordinate a time for us to speak. Also, please tag any candidates thay you believe would be interested. Thanks!

Hi John,

A better strategy from an education and finding interview guest standpoint is to listen to other podcasts and reach out to apartment investors who were interviewed. You know they are both apartment investors and willing to be interviewed.

Hey John - many of the people you want to interview have done interviews on podcasts already. If your goal is simply getting answers to the questions you listed, there is an easier approach. However, if you're looking to use this interview for content or build relationships with these people, then it may make sense to go down the path you're pursuing. 

@John Casmon Thank you for your response! You actually hit the nail on the head, I’m looking to retrieve specific content and also build a relationship with some of these people. Ideally, I’d like to hire one of them as a consultant as I go through the process of locating my first deal. Please let me know of any interested candidates :)