Building Interior Hallway Flooring Ideas

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We have a property that has interior hallway access to the units that currently has old, beat up carpets. We're trying to decide on what material to use to replace it.

There's not great air flow to inside which is why we're considering moving away from carpet and something that may hold less moisture, easier to clean, look more modern etc. Anyone who's done something similar what did you use and how did it turn out? Also, any other ideas outside of the typical carpet, carpet tiles, tile, vinyl rollout/plank, etc would be welcome to research more. Thanks.

I have had very good luck with vinyl plank in unit interiors.  I would imagine the extra service life would justify the cost increase over carpet.  Plus better looking, more modern, easy to clean, waterproof.  I love this material and it looks great.

@Ed Matson I hear you, we use them on interiors and are obviously considering it as an option.  Maybe I wasn't clear, but was looking for other alternatives they had heard of and if they had used it, seeing  how it went.

@Chris Grenzig There are only so many alternatives in flooring. In my 20-unit we used wood-look vinyl plank and it looks great, easy to maintain and very durable. If you're looking to spend more, there's always wood-look ceramic tile which a lot of restaurants and hotels are using these days.

If it's not a large area and you have a healthy budget, there's always oak.

@Chris Grenzig

In addition to vinyl plank mentioned in the posts above, I have clients who will finish (polish) a concrete slab and use it as interior flooring. It's ultra durable, wears well, easy to clean, and relatively cheap to install.

Best of luck!

@Chris Grenzig is the property in the colder area or in the south east? If its in the south east, we have seen the epoxy flooring going very well for the hallway. I am not sure if you have seen that but it looks good. You can get creative with it too. I hope this helps.

Epoxy is a solid option. Installation is not difficult VERY similar to painting. I went through something similar and ended up with Vinyl plank floors. They are the best choice for look, durability, maintenance and installation.  Oh and when you add cost in theres really no better option imo

Good luck