I'm looking for a BROKER IN PHOENIX who can help me find

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I live in San Diego but I'm looking to buy apartment buildings in Phoenix. I need a broker who will help me find the property that fits my criteria and then represent the seller/bring the deal to me. Does anyone know any brokers who can help in Phoenix?

Are you prepared to pay them a substantial amount out of your own pocket?

Unlike single family, the selling brokers in the apartment space are usually unwilling to split commissions.   So, you would have to pay for the service.  When finding an apartment, it is usually up to you, the buyer, to seek out all the brokers selling properties.

@Allison Meggison

Reach out and I'll see if I can help you find something that fits your criteria. @Greg Scott is correct, that many commercial brokers only deal with end buyers and there is no co-broke, but there are many that still do. 50 commercial multifamily properties are currently on the market in Phoenix that offer a co-broke commission to your buyer's agent, and even the ones that are marketed off the MLS can still offer co-broke. So you don't have to go it alone, and a little money out of your own pocket may be worth it for the help you receive.

Thank you for the feedback! Sorry, I guess I should have been more clear. I have a list of around 400 apartment buildings in Phoenix, with LLC owner names, mailing addresses, property addresses, and year built. I'm able to easily gather most additional necessary information except for unit mix. It wouldn't make sense to have a broker because I've done all the work that they would normally do, I'm just missing one piece of information. Idk how I could make it worth someones time if not a percentage or outrageous fee. I think working with a broker might be a more suitable fit in the future.