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Hey everyone. My name is Matt. I have been investing in SF for a few years and transitioning into the MF game. I am still somewhat new to the syndication process but looking to network with others that have not done their first multi family deal yet either and would potentially be interested in teaming up to start doing syndication deals together

@Matt Nettles I would go to your local meet ups. My guess is that there is even an apartment meet up near you. Conferences can also be a great place to meet with like minded investors. You can check out the Northstar Real Estate Conference, Raising Money Summit, Multifamily Mastery conference, Think Multifamily conference and many others.

Also, if you're going to post on sites like biggerpockets to find partners, I would highly suggest adding a picture of yourself and finishing your profile

@Todd Dexheimer Hey Todd! Thank you for the reply. I am about two hours south of Atlanta and I am sure they have MF meetups there. However here locally, we have REIA meetings but 100% of those are solely interested in SF (I've tried having the conversations with them about MF) so I figured I would throw it on here and see if there was anyone that may find interest in working together

Come on up the Minnesota in September to network with others. Networking will be very valuable. Not trying to discount BP, because it's a great resource and potentially a great place to meet partners. Keep on posting questions and adding value here on BP with consistency and you will gain some traction. 

I'm in the same boat, I liquidated a few of my SF s and getting ready for syndication. Any good meetup group recommendations in the Dallas area? I'm also looking for some good website recommendations for setting up syndications. I'm not a big fan of cross street though.

@Matt Nettles Hey Matt, BP is definitely a great start to network in general. 

Particularly, for apartment syndication networking, you can start thinking of the market(s) you'd like to invest in, as that would help determine what syndicator or syndication group you want to coalesce with.

For amazing apartment syndication content, you have to check out Joe Fairless Syndication School conducted by Theo Hicks. 

Good luck and let me know if I can help you in any way. 

@Matt Nettles congratulations with making the right decision, BP is a great place to do that, other is local meet-ups, you can even try MF Facebook groups to look for your potential partners, it’s not that hard to find, there’s a lot of people interested into multifamily space right now, so try to find people who would be already established in this space.

@Matt Nettles

Hey Matt welcome to BP. I haven’t done any mf deals “yet” but I use to work as a financial analyst / junior broker for Marcus and millichap. Ran numbers all day on mf so if you’ve got questions on your journey I’d love to help. My partner and I are looking Midwest right now because we aren’t going syndication and working with our own funds.

@Ola Dantis Hey Ola! Thank you for the inputs sir. I actually purchased Joe’s best ever apartment syndication book and already finished it. I’ve also listened to hundreds of hours of podcasts of his and Theo who commented below. I will most definitely stay in touch. Thanks again

@Theo Hicks Hey Theo. Thanks for your input and advice my friend. I have watched hundreds of hours of you and Joe on the podcasts.. also read the best ever apartment syndication book.. fantastic content and can’t say thanks enough for all of the free knowledge you both are happy with sharing.

Originally posted by @Osmund Agbo :
@Ola Dantis, I tried to buy the syndication book by Joe Failess and even the kindle version cost as high as $44.Is that their a cheaper way to get the book ?Thanks a lot

Hey Osmund, with apartment syndication, it involves many many more zeros and $44 is a tiny amount to invest in getting yourselves acquainted with the complex information involved to actually be successful in taking down tens of million-dollar deals. 

Please do not take this the wrong way but Cheap and Apartment Syndication doesn't go together. 

Perhaps, a good place for you to start to invest your time (helping another syndicator, like myself) and/or invest your capital (into a passive deal). As a result, you could learn while you earn...

If you want to chat or need any other information please let me know.

Hope this helps. Good luck...🤗

@Matt Nettles welcome to BP there is so much information here, and many successful syndicators to follow. As @Todd Dexheimer and @Ola Dantis pointed out your best bet is to start attending networking events where you will connect in person to people like yourself. Another option is to join a mentoring group where many people like yourself will learn from an experienced syndicator.

@Pundari Pothini I know there are a bunch of meetup groups in DFW. Think Multifamily has a lot of events. Check out @Jorge Abreu and many others.

Thank you @Yonah Weiss for the mention. 

@Pundari Pothini here is a link to sign up and receive info on our upcoming events.

Our last event had 150+ experienced as well as beginner Multifamily Investors. Our panel had over 10,000 Units under management. Next one will be early next month.

@Matt Nettles “teaming up with who have not done a MF deal”? If you are looking for advice, this is your first mistake. You’ll want to team with those that have... blind leading the blind usually causes lots of falls... On your first MF you’ll not want to focus on what you get in dollars but rather in real life experience.