Any thoughts on Landlord Protection Insurance??

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Hey Travis, I never hear a PM giving that type of option, I'm not saying that is not good it just sound a little be off, specially if the PM is screening this tenants so is like conflict of interest in a way. Meaning if you chooses to get this service from them then they will make sure the teanant they put in there is legit so this way they don't have to pay you this money. But in the same way they should be doing this no matter what! I personally have a umbrella policy with USAA, this policy covers you onw a minimum of 1 mil dollars in case you get suit and they are trying to come after you. They also cover you incase the property gets damage and it can't be rented for up to a year or at least the equivalent of the rent value for a year. If I was you I would do a little be more research on other PMs to see if they offer the same services and also talk to other insurance companies.

Good luck.

In lower class areas, maybe. But if you’re screening your tenants well in a reasonable neighborhood, you shouldn’t be evicting or needing money over the security deposit maybe once every 10 years per unit?

$30/mo over 10 years is $3,600. Unless you run into a nightmare tenant who’s doing intentional damage, that’s a lot.

Personally, I’d rather “self-insure” for that... but of course it’s up to you!