Finishes forTen unit apartment in a c-b area

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I’m a about to start the rehab on my first multi unit. Wanting to know thoughts on my finishes. These are one bdrm units. Wanted to know if putting nice finishes were warranted in a c/b area. I was considering walk in showers with frameless glass shower doors and surround, and granite countertops to name a few.

@Larry Wilson over improving is money down the toilet. I have no idea about the building or area, if you are targeting rents under 1,000 per month don't go above mid-grade Home Depot. Can you go visit similar apartments to yours and see their finishes? I try to steer clear of doing too much in kitchens and bathrooms it can get expensive. You might put some money and effort into the building itself and common areas-maybe start there, and don't forget some landscaping too. Set yourself a budget get some bids and don't exceed it. A lot will depend on who is doing the work and the target tenant pool.

@Larry Wilson before you come to a final conclusion of what materials you will use. I would look and study the competition to see what their units look like and the rents they're commanding for those units according to the amenities provided. Last thing you want to do is over improve the property.

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