Looking for PM Recommendions Killeen, TX

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I’m looking for PM recommendations in Killeen, TX. I’m not satisfied with my current PM. Their communication is absolutely horrible. It normally takes me 3-5 emails to get an answer. Case in point I noticed a tenant issue at one of my properties back in October. I pointed out the issue to the property manager verbally then followed up with an email 1 week later asking if the issue was resolved. No answer. The company found the same issue during their own inspection two weeks later. I sent the maintenance departments inspection report to the manager asking again the issue be resolved. No answer. I followed up with several more emails to both manager and head of maintenance. Again no answer. Finally I found someone who would get back to me in the office and asked her to find out what was going on. Finally I got an answer in December that they would “look into it”. I just followed up from December “look into it” reply and she said she would check again and get back to me. A week later no reply so I ping her again. Issue still not resolved. This has been going on for over three months now! Another incident I had a tenant wanting me to pay her water bill after it was not repaired for two months. The first day I received the complaint I authorized the repair. Sorry for the long rant.

What I’m looking for:

1) Someone who answers emails within 24 hrs. 2) If you don’t know the answer acknowledge the email and tell me when you will get back to me.

3) Get back to me when you said you would.

4) Don’t dump problems in my lap.

5) Make a recommendation on what should be done based on policy/procedure.

Is this too much to ask?

@Pete Harper I've interviewed the top 3 PMs in the Killeen area. JWC and Isbell are by far the better ones. The only reason why I went for Isbell is because for the service they provide, they have the cheaper price.

And YES! Their response time is quick! Not even 15 minutes passes before I get a reply. Sandy and Jessica are amazing. Hope this helps.

@Amber Koontz I haven't worked for them for a long time. I just hired them but so far they've been really professional. They're also highly rated in Google. Barely any negative comments.

@Adrian Fajardo Thanks for the recommendation on Isbell. They were on my list last year. I can’t remember why I didn’t talk to them. I interviewed JWC, Armadillo and Hunter. JWC is the biggest PM in Killeen. The guy at JWC rubbed me the wrong way with his comment “I don’t know why The heck you would invest in Killeen”. Not exactly a vote of confidence. Hunter was super nit-picky.  Armadillo seemed the best choice at the time. However once we signed up the communication issues started. Colonial managed out property before we purchased it. I should Thank Colonial. Their mis-management drove the previous owner to sell cheap. 

@Pete Harper Armadillo is a big No for me too! They were managing the property I was about to buy and kept trying to sell me while I was doing the walk-through. They promised to make ready 1 unit but after closing they didn't do it when they got word that I wasn't going to use them. Very unprofessional to go back on their word.

Yes, JWC is the biggest. The guy I talked with was very pleasant and knows a lot about the market. He even gave me tips and suggestions even though he knew I wasn't gonna use them. Now that's professionalism.

@Adrian Fajardo

Thanks for the referral. I interviewed Isbell last week and was very impressed. They are a smaller operation but that may be a good thing. More attention to detail. I also like they do not have in-house maintenance. The last PM used their maintenance office as a money maker. They were always looking for ways to charge me more money. If it was tenants responsibility then they were slow to respond.

Communication with Armadillo continued to be an issue to the very end. As a final resort I reached out to the owners. Three emails over a weeks time with no response. It wasn’t until I sent 30 day notice they finally got back to me. Owner was shocked but didn’t have a leg to stand on after dropping the ball herself. We switch over in April.

@Pete Harper it's my pleasure. Yes, I was amazed of their professionalism and most of all the response time when it comes to communication. I've never waited more than a day. I kinda feel bad coz I'm constantly texting and emailing them too 😁.

I'm not surprised. With the one interaction I had with them, I knew they wouldn't meet the standard. I'm glad you switched over. Compared to Armadillo, Isbell is definitely gonna be a night and day difference. I hope this time around operations will run smoothly for you.